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Radon is a radioactive gas that cannot be detected by human senses. It seeps into the lower levels of homes from the surrounding soil or escapes into the air from well water in which it is dissolved when the water is used in a home environment. It is present throughout the United States but is more prevalent in certain areas. Radon damages lung cells and is believed by scientists and environmental authorities to be the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. There are several ways of dealing with radon gas inside of a home. Homeowners often install systems in their homes that use Mankato, Minnesota radon fans to exhaust the gas from their homes.

Radon fans in Mankato MN work by drawing radon from the soil underneath homes and then venting the gas through pipes and harmlessly into the atmosphere. Radon naturally occurs at very low levels in the atmosphere. The design of systems using radon fans in Mankato Minnesota is not complicated but choosing the correct Mankato, MN radon fans requires understanding the requirements for proper operation. Radon gas preferentially moves from soil into the lower levels of homes through cracks in house foundations and plumbing. This happens because the air pressure inside of a home is usually lower than the pressure of the gas trapped in the soil. Mankato, Minnesota Radon fans therefore must be sized properly so that they have sufficient draw to create the pressure difference needed to draw radon into the vent piping.



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If radon fans in Mankato MN are not large enough, the systems in which they are installed do not work correctly. Also, it is critical that Mankato Minnesota radon fans are completely leak-proof. Leaking radon fans in Mankato MN will increase radon levels inside a home since they will pull contaminated air from soil, but leak it into the homes instead of venting it to the atmosphere. Mankato, Minnesota radon fans should also be durable because they operate continuously once installed. They should also be rugged enough to withstand moisture and temperature extremes. While some installations will have Mankato, MN radon fans placed in basement sumps, other installations may have radon fans in Mankato Minnesota installed in attics or even outside of houses. Radon fans in Mankato MN that are installed in attics or other locations close to living areas should operate quietly so that their presence is not an annoyance. Most Mankato, MN radon fans also have alarms that sound or flash whenever they are not operating properly. Systems that use Mankato, Minnesota radon fans to reduce radon levels in homes must be installed by qualified contractors, since it is important that the system operate properly in order to reduce radon levels inside the home. Radon system installers must be familiar with certain state requirements for radon system installation.

Contractors should be able to explain to homeowners how their system works and any maintenance that Mankato Minnesota radon fans require for continued proper operation. Mankato MN radon fans in certain systems contain filters that must be periodically changed. Most radon fans in Mankato, Minnesota will not last throughout the system's useful lifetime and will probably need to be replaced at least once, and probably more times, during the life of the installation. While some homeowners may be reluctant to replace Mankato, MN radon fans, well-maintained systems can keep interior radon levels at much lower and safer levels.






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